Google apps tutorials.

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Hi, I decided to make some tutorials on google apps. Currently, this is a work in progress, so check back to see if I get to adding more tutorials. To contact me, you can email me at . With all of my tutorials, I am using firefox, and nvda.


Google apps changes periodically, so if something is different from what my tutorial says, please take that into consideration.

Instructions for using the google apps templates.

To use the templates found in this tutorial, sign into google drive, then click the appropriate link.

  1. Google Drive:
    In this tutorial, I go over how to use google drive. There is only one file for this tutorial that can be found at the Google Drive Tutorial link. Approximate play time, 20 min.
  2. Google docs part one:
    1. here is the google doc template for the training. Before doing the second tutorial Get the template and if you aren't already signed into google drive Sign in before you access the template. see Instructions for setting up the template
    2. Google Apps Part 2 Tutorial:
      Using google docs. In this tutorial I go over the basics of using google docs. Get the Google docs tutorial. If you are experienced, just listen to the beginning of this, it is pretty much an overview of how to edit documents. Approximate time, 1 hr, 15 Minutes. want blupers? Here they are.