Alison Dernbach


Although I have not been pursuing a geoscience degree, I love what I do at the museum. I’ve been working on the invertebrate collections there since Spring 2011.  Some of my duties include:

  1. -organizing and identifying specimens

  2. -assigning University of Colorado Museum numbers to each one

  3. -and putting all the information in catalog books and in the museum’s database.

After graduation this spring, I will have a summer internship at the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument in Florissant, Colorado.  I do not know exactly what is in store for me there, but it will be similar to my work here at the CU museum.

In the future I hope to attend graduate school for either conservation biology or museum studies.


My work at the museum and beyond


A Little About Me:

EBIO and Art History double major, graduating Spring 2012