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Webpages ran by the OIT Labs group you probably don't know about

posted 06-10-2011 at 10:52

Doing tech support for OIT (formerly ITS) as long as I have, I've seen parts of its webpages that usually don't see the light of day. If I could remember them all of the top of my head, I would just post them in one entry. But I was reminded of two used by the Labs group that most people don't know about, but for a handful of people they could be very useful.

Most people know, or I'm guessing could find, the software search page. It's very useful if you want to see what labs have what software. But say, for instance, you want to see what software is in a particular lab? If you modify the GET request in the URL by changing the "labname" value to *, you can do just that.*

Voilà! More than I'm sure you've ever wanted (or cared) to know about software in OIT Labs, and with a CTRL+F (or a Command-F for people with a sweeter machine) you can search it until your heart is content.

Say you wanted to add to that list? The Labs group has a page for that too, conveniently known as the ITS Lab Software Requests page. I've never gotten the Staff Login to work on it, despite being staff. It does, however, seem completely willing to make me a Lab Liaison by simply entering my name.

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