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Spoken Wikipedia Podcast (version 0.1)

posted 08-09-2012 at 17:19

There's an RSS feed of spoken Wikipedia articles (articles that someone has read aloud, recorded, and uploaded to wikipedia) associated with the Spoken Wikipedia Project that's updated manually (and has only been updated once since 2009). I've wanted to create an automated version for a long time, and got pretty close today using Yahoo! Pipes.

You can subscribe to the proxy'd version of the podcast here:

You can view the the pipe here:

It currently does not include articles with recorded versions that are split up in to multiple files (e.g. History of the Earth). It's also restricted by the 30 second time limit Yahoo! Pipes imposes on processing data, so it only gets audio files from the most recently updated articles. To remain patent free, Wikipedia uses Ogg Vorbis (as opposed to MP3) for spoken article recordings, so you may run in to some compatibility issues there.

BTW - Marissa Mayer, if you're reading this, please don't allow Yahoo! Pipes to continue to be neglected while you're CEO. It's one of the coolest things Yahoo! ever did, but it needs more tender love and care.

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