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Pink Elephant Removes PinkVERIFY V2 Toolsets Page (like 5 months ago)

posted 07-04-2012 at 13:51

I had setup page2rss to monitor the pages listing the various PinkVERIFY'd Toolsets in January, and just now noticed that Pink Elephant removed their page listing PinkVERIFY'd V2 Toolsets on March 22, 2012 (from the looks of the page2rss changes). If you want to get some idea of what was on that page, the lastest copy from is from December of 2010.

Looking at their page, Pink Elephant added new lists for ITIL Software Scheme Toolsets and PinkVERIFY 2011 Toolsets (although it's currently empty).

I created a new pipe that monitors the new Pink Elephant pages.

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Pink Elephant and ITIL Official Endorsed Tools

posted 01-19-2012 at 13:59

I used page2rss and Yahoo! Pipes to put together an RSS feed monitoring the changes on the pages listing PinkVERIFY'd Toolsets (3.1, 3.0 and V2) as well as the Endorsed Software Tools (Gold, Silver and Bronze) on There's some noise in it, but it works reasonably well for what I'm using it for.

Since page2rss has been monitoring these lists PinkVERIFY added a process for Summit Platform (Release and Deployment Management) and added new Toolset, Dexon. added Cherwell and USU Valuemation 4.2 to it's list of Bronze Endorsed Software Tools.

You can view the whole pipe or subscribe to it's RSS feed. Feel free to suggest improvements or clone the pipe and make them yourself. :)

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ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate- (PBT) Results

posted 10-10-2011 at 15:58
Dear Craig Talbert,

CSME hereby certifies that you have participated in the examination:

Examination: ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate- (PBT) 
Student Name: Craig Talbert 
Student Number: 43252003274489856000 
Result: PASS

Overall Score: 36.0/40 (90.00%)

Topic Level Scoring:
ITSM Overview: 100.00%
ITIL/Lifecylce Overview: 100.00%
Terms: 85.71%
Key Principles: 75.00%
Processes: 88.88%
Functions: 100.00%
Key Roles: 100.00%
Technology & Architecture : 100.00%

Congratulations on successfully completing your ITIL certification.  




Special thanks to Roc Paez and IT Skeptic

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A semi-automated ranking of ITSM and help desk issue-tracking vendors/applications by popularity

posted 09-22-2011 at 16:45

My first contribution to Google Fusion Tables is an attempt to identify popular, and hopefully by extension useful, ITSM and help desk issue-tracking applications. So, it's appropriately named, ITSM and Help Desk Applications (Listing and Ranking).

I created it first by crawling for unique URLs on all of the sites (that I know of) that list these kinds of applications (,,,,,, and I then ran them through a link checker looking for pages that were defunct, repurposed, redirected or merged (this is the "semi" of the automated part), then queried the PageRank, the Alexa Traffic Rank, and the location of their web server based using the ip2location database. By my count this makes 323 unique vendors/applications (some vendors have more than one application in this domain).

The Fusion Table is sorted primarily by PageRank (a good metric, but not particularly granular as it's on a scale of 1-10 - the higher the better) and then by Alexa Traffic Rank (not as good of a metric, but much more granular - the lower the better). It also contains the country and in most cases the city and region (e.g. state) the IP of their web server is associated with.

PageRank ranks individual pages on the web whereas Alexa measures traffic going to a particular domain. As such, for vendors that do more than ITSM and help desk software (e.g. HP, Oracle, Salesforce, IBM, etc) I used the PageRank of the page on their site for their ITSM and/or help desk product(s). In such cases, their PageRank will be reasonable but their Alexa Traffic Rank will be heavily skewed in comparison (this is because, for example, only a fraction of the traffic to Oracle's domain represents interest in their ITSM products). In this context, however, this it is a not-perfect-but-useful metric to help discriminate among vendors/applications with sites that have the same PageRank.

I know PageRank can vary based on the datacenter queried, and Alexa has a sampling bias, and the location of a company's web server does not necessarily mean they are headquartered nearby. Remember, perfect is the enemy of the good. And, you know, Voltaire said that.

Equally as interesting as the ranking is the (approximate) geographical distribution of ITSM and help desk application vendors.

(View Full Screen)

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