Tyler Jones


Arctic Landscapes

Arctic Landscapes

Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research
Sustainability, Energy and Environment Complex (SEEC)
University of Colorado Boulder
4001 Discovery Drive, Boulder, CO 80303
phone: +1 (720) 319-1740
e-mail: tyler.jones@colorado.edu

CUB = University of Colorado at Boulder
INSTAAR = Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research

Education and Training

University of Colorado at Boulder
2015            PhD Biogeochemistry - Environmental Studies Department - Climate from Polar Ice Cores
2015            Certificate in College Teaching
2010            MSc Environmental Studies - Environmental Studies Department - Climate Change
2010            Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Certificate
2006            BSc Civil Engineering - Emphasis Hydrology (Dean's List)

Positions / Participation
2015 - present             Research Associate - Light Stable Isotope Lab - INSTAAR CUB
2015 - 2017                 Postdoctoral Fellow - Light Stable Isotope Lab - INSTAAR CUB
2007 - 2015                 Research Assistant - Light Stable Isotope Lab - INSTAAR CUB
2012 - 2015                 International Collaboration and Education in Ice Core Science (ICEICS) - PIRE - Oregon State University

Other Related Employment
2006 - 2007                  Petros Environmental - Permit and Compliance Consulting - Littleton, Colorado

Peer Reviewed Scientific Publications

(1st author)
Jones, T. R., W. H. G. Roberts, E. J. Steig, K. M. Cuffey, B. R. Markle, and J. W. C. White (2018), Southern Hemisphere Climate Variability Forced by Northern Hemisphere Ice Sheet Topography, Nature, doi:10.1038/nature24669.

Nature Cover February 2015 Tyler Jones Featured on the cover of Nature:

Pole to pole
How ice sheets in the north drove climate variability in the south during the Last Glacial Maximum

The cover shows the Amundsen Sea, offshore of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. As Tyler Jones and his colleagues reveal in this issue, this region experienced a large change in year-to-year climate variability some 16,000 years ago. The Last Glacial Maximum saw ice cover vast areas of the Northern Hemisphere and this significantly influenced the climate of the Southern Hemisphere. The brightness and high altitude of the ice sheets altered the atmospheric pathways linking the tropics to West Antarctica by moving the location of tropical convection. Using water isotope data from a West Antarctic ice core, Jones and his colleagues traced the effects of this influence. They find that the interannual and decadal climate variability at high southern latitudes was almost twice as high during the Last Glacial Maximum as during the past 11,700 years of the warmer Holocene epoch. Through this they reveal the intimate climate linkages between the high latitudes, and the key role of the tropics as a climate mediator between the hemispheres.

(photo by Bradley R. Markle)

Jones, T. R., K. M. Cuffey, J. W. C. White, E. J. Steig, C. Buizert, B. R. Markle, J. R. McConnell, and M. Sigl (2017), Water Isotope Diffusion in the WAIS Divide Ice Core During the Holocene and Last Glacial, J. Geophys. Res. Earth Surf., 121, doi:10.1002/2016JF003938.

Jones, T. R., White, J. W. C., Steig, E. J., Vaughn, B. H., Morris, V., Gkinis, V., Markle, B. R., and Schoenemann, S. W.: Improved Methodologies for Continuous Flow Analysis of Stable Water Isotopes in Ice Cores, Atmos. Meas. Tech. doi:10.5194/amt-2016-118, 2017.

Jones, T. R., White, J. W. C., & Popp, T. (2014). Siple Dome shallow ice cores: a study in coastal dome microclimatology. Climate of the Past, 10(3), 1253.

Markle, B. R., Steig, E. J., Buizert, C., Schoenemann, S. W., Bitz, C. M., Fudge, T. J., Pedro, J. B., Ding, Q., Jones, T. R., White, J. W. and Sowers, T., 2017. Global atmospheric teleconnections during Dansgaard-Oeschger events. Nature Geoscience, 10(1), pp.36-40.

Garland, J., Jones, T. R., Bradley, E., James, R. G., & White, J. W. (2016, October). A First Step Toward Quantifying the Climate’s Information Production over the Last 68,000 Years. In International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis (pp. 343-355). Springer International Publishing.

WAIS Divide Project Members, 2015. Precise interpolar phasing of abrupt climate change during the last ice age. Nature, 520(7549), pp.661-665.

Dahl-Jensen, D., et al., 2013. Eemian interglacial reconstructed from a Greenland folded ice core. Nature, 493(7433), p.489.

Field Work

2018            EGRIP Ice Core Camp - Ice Core Processing Team - Northeast Greenland
2017            South Pole Ice Core - Processing Line Manager (oversaw 6 undergrads) - National Ice Core Laboratory (NICL) - Golden, Colorado

2016            South Pole Ice Core - Processing Line Supervisor - National Ice Core Laboratory (NICL) - Golden, Colorado
2015            South Pole Ice Core - Processing Line - National Ice Core Laboratory (NICL) - Golden, Colorado
2012            NEEM Ice Core Camp - Put-In Crew - Northwest Greenland
2011            NEEM Ice Core Camp - Field Assistant - Northwest Greenland
2011            Storm Peak Laboratory - Field Assistant - Snow Grain Size Measurements - Steamboat Springs, Colorado
2010            Field Training - Radio Echo Sounding - Bed profile and internal structure of the Lower Root Glacier - McCarthy, Alaska
2009            Lake Chemistry - Field Assistant - Wind River Range, Wyoming
2009            Lake Sediment Core - Trip Co-Lead - Niwot Ridge, Colorado
2009            WAIS Divide Ice Core - Processing Line - National Ice Core Laboratory (NICL) - Golden, Colorado
2008            WAIS Divide Ice Core - Processing Line - National Ice Core Laboratory (NICL) - Golden, Colorado
2008            Field Training - Lake Sediment Core and Dune Core - Sand HIlls, Nebraska

Vail Talk Tyler Jones
NEEM ice core camp, northwest Greenland

Special Session Acceptances

2016            The 15th International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis- IDA - Stockholm, Sweden (one of 15/75 accepted oral presentations, 20% acceptance rate)
2016            Last Millennium Reanalysis Project: State-of-the art reconstructions of the climate of the past millennium - NOAA - Friday Harbor, Washington, USA
2014            Past as Prologue: Holocene Climate as Context for Future Climate Change - PAGES: Past Global Changes- Mt. Hood/Portland, Oregon, USA
2013            Communicating Science Workshop (ComSciCon) - Harvard University - Boston, USA
2011            10th International NCCR Climate Summer School - University of Bern - Grindelwald, Switzerland
2010            1st International Summer School in Glaciology - University of Alaska, Fairbanks (UAF) - Wrangell Mountains Center, McCarthy, Alaska


Undergraduate Courses Taught
Spring 2014                 Environmental Monitoring in an Era of Global Change - Instructor of Record - ENVS 4100-002 - CUB

Fall 2013                      Climate Change: Science Expression through Film Production - Instructor of Record Co-Lecturer - ATLAS 3519 / EBIO 4460 - CUB

Invited Lectures
Spring 2017                 Energy and the Environment - Guest Lecturer (2 classes) - GEOG 3251- CUB
Summer 2016              National Geographic Climate Summer School - Invited Lecturer (1 speech)
Summer 2015              National Geographic Climate Summer School - Invited Lecturer (2 speeches)
Spring 2015                 Energy and the Environment - Guest Lecturer (2 classes) - GEOG 3251- CUB
Fall 2014                      Climate Change:Science and Expression through Video-Production and Presentation- Invited Speech - ATLAS 3519/EBIO 4460 - CUB

Fall 2013                      Mountain Geography- Guest Lecturer (1 class) - ENVS/PHYS 3070 - CUB
Spring 2013                 Energy and the Environment - Guest Lecturer (3 classes) - GEOG 3251- CUB

Formal Training
Spring 2013                ENVS 5100 - Pedagogy: Teaching an interdisciplinary, problem-oriented course - CUB

Public Speaking
Winter 2017              Colorado Mountain College - "The Entire 4.5 Billion Year Climate History of Earth" - Breckenridge, Colorado
Winter 2017              Vail Resorts - "The Entire 4.5 Billion Year Climate History of Earth"
- Vail, Colorado

Winter 2017              Aspen U Speaker Series- "The Entire 4.5 Billion Year Climate History of Earth" - Aspen, Colorado
Winter 2016              Vail Resorts - Climate in Context
- Vail, Colorado
Spring 2014              Colorado Foundation for Water Education - Climate Workshop - Federal Center, Lakewood, Colorado

Vail Talk Tyler Jones
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Aspen Talk Tyler Jones
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Artist Residencies

Fall 2015            Artist Residency - The Arctic Circle - Svalbard, Norway - What does climate change sound like?

Media Publications

"Deep ice cores show past Greenland warm period may be ‘road map’ for continued warming of planet." University of Colorado, 23 January 2013. Web.
Photos and videos: University of Colorado and INSTAAR

“Tyler Jones, University of Colorado, takes you on a free ride round the NEEM camp 2011.” NEEM Ice Core Project, 2011. NEEM (sound purposefully removed)

Academic Service

Selected Events
2015 - Present            National Geographic Climate Change Summer School - Lecture, Lab Tour, and the Dreaded Freezer Challenge
2015                            More Than Scientists - Student Project - An Inspiring Blue Marble - CUB
2013                            Cinematographer - The Art of Chasing Ice - CUB
2011 - Present            History Day Judge - Southern Hills Middle School (once yearly) - Boulder, Colorado
2008 - Present            INSTAAR Open House Tour Guide - Southern Hills Middle School Visit (once yearly) - CUB
2008                            Hydrologic Sciences Symposium Co-Director - CUB

Film and Photography Experience

Boulder Adventure Film Festival
2013, 2016                          Film Selection Committee - Boulder, Colorado

Extreme Ice Survey
2010 - 2013                Assistant - Boulder, Colorado
                                               The Art of Chasing Ice - Cinematographer - 2013
                                               Boulder County Wildfire - Photography - 2011
                                               Mississippi Delta Land Loss Satellite Imagery and Modeling - Research Project - 2010
                                               Receding Glaciers Satelite Imagery - Research Project - 2010
                                               Extreme Ice Survey Camera System - Installation Procedure and Overview - 2010

Outside Adventure Film School
2008 - 2014           Film School Course Instructor - Outside Magazine - Avalanche Safety and Mountain Sports

Serac Adventure Films
2007 - present       Documentary Film, Cinematography, Production, and Website Design - Boulder, Colorado
                                               Selected Projects
                                               Cinematographer - The Colorado River Project
                                               Assistant Cinematographer - Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers (NCAR and University of Oklahoma research teams)
                                               Assistant - Out Living It (cancer survivors find their new normal)
                                               Assistant - High Ground (wounded veterans climb a Himalayan peak on the road to recovery)

                                               Assistant - 3 Peaks 3 Weeks (raising money for education, environment, and HIV/AIDS in Africa)
                                               Production Assistant - Expedition Health - Denver Museum of Nature and Science (effects of altitude on the body)
                                               Production Assistant - Discovery Channel's Ways to Save the Planet (climate change geoengineering solutions)

2010            Director and Producer - Documentary Film - Partners in Health (PIH) and Partners in Agriculture (PIA) - Cange, Haiti
2007            Eco-Arts at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art - 'Solar Powered Glacier Ice' Art Installation - Arapahoe Glacier, Colorado
2007            Production Assistant - The DC Travel Show - Douglas County, Colorado

Additional Skills

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Certification
2001 - Present            Locations (yearly diving since 2001):
                                       Cozumel, Mexican Caribbean
                                       Malolo Island, Fiji, South Pacific
                                       Presqu'île de Giens, French Mediterranean
                                       Aruba, Southern Caribbean
                                       West Seattle, USA

Mountaineering and the Outdoors
Limited technical skill, but capable.
Summit of Mont Blanc, 2012
                                       Rock Climbing, 2007-present
                                       Backcountry Skiing, 2007
                                       Ice Climbing, 2007-present
                                       Glacier Traversing, 2010-present

Coding Proficiency

Technical Computing - Matlab, some Python and R
Website - HTML/CSS, some Java and PHP

Arctic Landscapes