Lecture Notes

Week 1


Reasoning and Arguments

Validity and Soundness

Week 2

Demonstrating Invalidity

Constructing Arguments, part 1

Week 3

Categorical Propositions

Venn Diagrams, part 1

Week 4

Conversion, Obversion, and Contraposition

The Traditional Square of Opposition

Week 5

Constructing Categorical Propositions

Categorical Syllogisms

Venn Diagrams, part 2

Week 6

Constructing Arguments, part 2

Three Methods for Determining Invalidity

Week 7

Meaning and Language

Week 8

Informal Fallacies: Irrelevance

Deduction vs. Induction

Week 9

Informal Fallacies: Weak Induction

Informal Fallacies: Presumption, Ambiguity, Grammatical Analogy

Week 10

Detecting and Avoiding Fallacies

Week 11

Logical Operators

Truth Functions

Week 12

Truth Tables for Propositions

Truth Tables for Arguments

Week 13

Argument Forms and Fallacies

Pascal, Game Theory, and Expected Value

Week 14

God, Prior Probability, and Explanatory Power

Week 15

Case Study: Famine Relief

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